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Terms and conditions

ART. 1 - • - ORDERS 1.1 These general conditions of sale, available on the website section GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE (at https: // coolthings- or other specific address that was adopted by International Games Trade S.p.A. - hereinafter the "Site") in favor of the user, have as their object the online sale of the products of International Games Trade S.p.a., carried out remotely by means of a telematic network through the Site belonging to the same International GamesTrade S.p.a., a company incorporated under San Marino law, with registered office in Serravalle (RSM), Via Roverella, 1, Economic Operator Code SM04545, registered in the Register of Companies under no. 1672 Ric. Jur. 09.06.98, e- •• mail 1.2 These general conditions apply only to online sales, as described above, B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer), between International Games Trade S.p.a. and natural or legal persons who purchase products for purposes related to their business or professional activity (hereinafter "Customer"). These B2B and B2C online sales of International Games Trade S.p.a. are governed not only by these general conditions, but also by the particular conditions of sale such as, by way of example, the price, the methods of payment and delivery, the type of product, etc., chosen from time to time by the Customer on the Site. 1.3 These general conditions of sale must be examined by the Customer before each purchase and are understood to be fully known and unconditionally accepted with the affixing by the Customer of the flag in the relevant field of viewing and acceptance on the Site. Therefore, an indispensable condition for the purchase is the prior registration of the Customer on the site with simultaneous reading and acceptance of these general conditions as well as the assignment of an identification code and password to be subsequently entered in the appropriate fields before each purchase. 1.4 The Client acknowledges that International Games Trade S.p.a. will not accept orders placed by subjects who are not registered Customers as defined above, or by ordinary e- •• mail from Customers without their prior registration on the site 1.5 International Games Trade S.p.a. is free to update, integrate or modify these general conditions of sale, effective for sales completed after their publication on the Site, which constitutes communication of the changes to customers, registered or not. 1.6 The Customer declares that the completion of the registration form and subsequent purchases will be made by subjects with the power to bind the Customer. 1.7 The Customer undertakes not to transfer his identification code and password to third parties and to keep them with the utmost care and diligence, remaining solely responsible for their custody and use. 1.8 The Customer must submit the purchase order diligently and scrupulously following the instructions and procedures described on the Site. 1.9 The Customer, therefore, accepts as of now all orders sent to International Games Trade S.p.a. with the identification code of the Customer himself and his password, as well as the invoice that will be issued with the data entered by the Customer. 1.10 The sales contract will be concluded between the Customer and International Games Trade S.p.a. with the activation by the Customer of the "Place order" command, upon completion of the procedure. In any case, the right of International Games Trade S.p.a. remains unaffected. not to execute the Customer's order if, as a result of checks following its receipt, payment delays or other defaults by the same Customer relating to previous orders result; of this suspension International Games Trade S.p.a. will notify the Customer by e-mail, informing him that the suspension will remain until the Customer's debt position is regularized. If, following receipt of the order, no payment delays or other reasons legitimizing the suspension of the execution of the order emerge, or following the regularization of the Customer's debt position, International Games Trade S.p.a. will send the Customer, to the e-mail address indicated by him, an e-mail confirming the sale with a summary of the particular conditions, these general conditions, as well as the privacy policy. 1.11 The Customer acknowledges the possibility of downloading these general conditions from the Site and agrees that International Games Trade S.p.a. send him a copy of these general conditions by means of the aforementioned summary e-mails. 1.12 The order form will be filed in the database of International Games Trade S.p.a. for the the period of time required to process the order. 1.13 Unless express exceptions, communications between the parties that modify the contractual conditions, as defined above, or affect the execution of the sales contract, will always take place in writing, thereby expressly including also outgoing e-mail communications and arriving from the e-mail of the International Games Trade S.p.a. sales office

ART. 2 - • - RISKS AND RESPONSIBILITIES 2.1 The Customer remains solely responsible for the correctness and completeness of his identification data and in any case for any data entered on the Site and / or in the order form, in particular with reference to the product ordered, with the exclusion of any responsibility of International Games Trade S.p.a. 2.2 International Games Trade S.p.a. disclaims any responsibility for any information, documents and materials placed by third parties on the Site, even if such contents are made available to the Customer as part of an advertising service offered by International Games Trade S.p.a. 2.3 The Client acknowledges that International Games Trade S.p.a. cannot in any way be held liable to the Customer for the suspension or interruption, regardless of his will, of the operation of the Site.

ART. 3 - • - DELIVERY 3.1 The delivery of the products to the Customer will take place in the manner and timing indicated by International Games Trade S.p.A. in the email summarizing the order pursuant to art. 1.10. Delivery terms are always indicative and never essential for International Games Trade S.p.a. and for the customer. Further conditions and shipping times are indicated in Annex "A" to these general conditions of sale. 3.2 International Games Trade S.p.a. will carry out deliveries compatibly with its production, procurement and shipping needs and will be able to divide the products of a single order into multiple deliveries or combine in a single delivery products indicated in different orders. 3.3 International Games Trade S.p.a. may suspend the delivery of the products sold in the event of non-regular or non-regular payment of the price by the Customer, pursuant to the following art. 4.1. 3.4 In the execution of orders, maximum compliance with the specific requirements resulting from the catalog on the Site will be observed. International Games Trade S.p.a. in the context of its production and commercial choices, or in compliance with new regulatory provisions, it may however make partial adaptations or changes to the product concerning the aesthetic, construction and functional characteristics. These changes do not require prior notification to the Customer. 3.5 The transport of products from the deposit of International Games Trade S.p.a. at destination is the responsibility of the Customer, who will indicate to International Games Trade S.p.a. the forwarder or the transporter appointed by him. In the absence of such indication, International Games Trade S.p.a. will arrange for the shipment with the means deemed most suitable, remaining the loading operations, risks and charges, however, to be borne by the Customer. 3.6 The products are packaged with standard packaging, intact, suitable for loading on means of transport and unloading on the ground with suitable and approved tools; International Games Trade S.p.A. declines all responsibility for any damage to the goods caused as a result of the movement and lifting of the goods carried out with incorrect maneuvers or with inadequate means. 3.7 International Games Trade S.p.a. will arrange for product insurance on behalf of the Customer only upon timely written request from the same, who will assume all related expenses and responsibilities.

ART. 4 - • - PAYMENTS 4.1 Payment of the full price for the purchase of International Games Trade S.p.A. products must be carried out in the manner and timing indicated in the purchase order or in the sales invoice, if different. 4.2 Failure or incomplete punctual payment within the term provided for by the previous art. 4.1 will constitute a serious breach by the Customer and will determine the right for International Games Trade S.p.a. to terminate the contract (termination of law) by sending emails, rec. a.r. or pec, without the need for formal notice. In case of default, except for greater damage, they will automatically run in favor of International Games Trade S.p.a. default interest at the statutory rate and subsequent amendments.

ART. 5 - • - WARRANTY 5.1 Without prejudice to what is specified in relation to any improvements or adaptations of the product with respect to the characteristics expressed on the Site that do not affect its quality, International Games Trade S.p.A. guarantees the conformity of the products with the declared technical characteristics and their immunity from defects and faults, as well as their safety according to the standards in force at the time of gold put on the market. 5.2 The acceptance of the products by the shipper, the carrier or whoever else in charge of the collection by the Customer, is authentic the good condition of the packaging and all responsibility of International Games Trade S.p.a. in this regard it ceases upon delivery. The Customer is also required to check upon arrival that the products comply with the order. Failing this, they are considered compliant and accepted. 5.3 International Games Trade S.p.a. disclaims any responsibility for damages of any kind, whether direct or indirect, caused to things or people that are not related to the use that could legitimately be expected at the time the products were manufactured. 5.4 International Games Trade S.p.a. grants the Customer a 1 (one) month guarantee for the lack of conformity of the products; this guarantee starts from the date of delivery of the products and its operation is subject to the notification of the discrepancy within 8 (eight) days of its discovery. 5.5 Complaints regarding product defects, as well as qualitative or quantitative differences and any other visible discrepancy, must be communicated to International Games Trade S.p.a. in writing within 8 (eight) days of delivery. For hidden defects verified by the customer before the sale to his successor in title, the term starts from the day of discovery duly proven by the customer. Complaints regarding any discrepancies from the accompanying documents for transport, damage or shortages referable to the transport itself, must be communicated to International Games Trade S.p.A. via SERC, pec or via e-mail within 24 (twenty-four) hours of receipt of the products. 5.6 The contestation of the defect or non-conformity must be received accompanied, under penalty of inadmissibility, with the description of the defect or non-conformity, the sales invoice number, the product serial number and the Customer's data. Obvious defects such as breaks, abrasions, scratches, or the lack of conformity with the declared quantity, quality or aesthetic characteristics that are not immediately visible before the purchase (because in this case they are considered accepted by the Customer and / or the end user and do not fall within the scope of the guarantee) are presumed to be known at the time of delivery. 5.7 Any contestation of flaws and defects or lack of conformity made by the end user or by the Customer for compensation with respect to the requests from their successor in title, forwarded beyond the aforementioned warranty period, will be the sole responsibility of the Customer with the exclusion of any right of recourse or recourse. 5.8 In the face of complaints that are justified and promptly proposed, accompanied by the requested information, International Games Trade S.p.a. will carry out the interventions under guarantee in reasonable time at its headquarters or, at its sole discretion, at a service center of its choice. To this end, the product must be delivered, by the Customer, to the headquarters of International Games Trade S.p.a. or the assistance center indicated by the same. 5.9 International Games Trade S.p.a. reserves the choice, at its sole discretion, between replacement or repair of the products that International Games Trade S.p.a. recognizes defective, provided that the defects are not attributable to transport, misuse and / or storage, incorrect assembly or use of the same that is not rational or inappropriate and in any case the responsibility in general of the Customer, his successors in title or of third parties. 5.10 Repairs carried out under warranty do not involve any extension of the duration, nor the renewal of the warranty itself. 5.11 The guarantee does not apply if the product is combined with components not marketed by International Games Trade S.p.a. or the warnings and prescriptions provided or expected according to a normal criterion of diligence have not been observed. 5.12 During the warranty period as established in the previous art. 5.4, ​​International Games Trade S.p.a. ensures that the products are free from defects or defects in materials and construction, provided however that the products are in normal conditions of use and maintenance. 5.13 The warranty does not cover parts subject to normal wear, defects or non-conformities in operation and damage originating from improper use or incorrect maintenance of the products as provided in the use and maintenance manual or any other warning, instruction or prescription by International Games Trade S.p.a. Nor is it subject to warranty what originates in tampering with the products and in any fact, conduct or omission attributable exclusively to the Customer or his successors in title. 5.14 International Games Trade S.p.a. will in no case be liable for damage caused by defective or non-compliant products.

ART 6 - • - RETURNS 6.1 Any remains uction of the products purchased online must be agreed in advance with International Games Trade S.p.A., which will assign a return authorization number to which the Customer will refer in the return document and / or in the accounting documents. International Games Trade S.p.a. reserves the right to replace, repair or cancel from time to time by credit note. 6.2 All communications in this regard will take place electronically by e-mail or SERC. 6.3 Returns relating to goods and accessories not produced or marketed by International Games Trade S.p.a. will not be accepted. or without the authorization number reference. 6.4 Products returned to International Games Trade S.p.a. will not be replaced or canceled in any case. which, even for lack of adequate protective packaging, are not intact in some of their parts.

ART. 7 - • - PROHIBITION OF TRANSFER It is expressly forbidden for the Customer to transfer the contract perfected to third parties pursuant to art. 1.10, subject to the prior written consent of International Games Trade S.p.a.

ART. 8 - • - JURISDICTION Any dispute, even of a non-contractual nature or for connection reasons, arising between the Customer and International Games Trade S.p.a. relating to the validity, execution, interpretation and termination of the sales contract perfected under these general conditions, will be devolved to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of the Republic of San Marino, without prejudice, however, to the faculty of International Games Trade S.p.a. to initiate actions before the Court of the Customer's place of residence. Applicable law is that in force in the Republic of San Marino.

ART. 9 - • - PERSONAL DATA The Customer declares to have read the information relating to the processing of personal data available on the Site and by accepting these general conditions, he gives his consent to the processing of his personal data for the purposes and in the manner indicated in the aforementioned information. The Customer's personal, corporate and tax data, acquired directly or indirectly by International Games Trade S.p.a., will be collected and processed in paper, computer or telematic form, exclusively for the purpose of allowing the execution of purchase orders. The data acquired by International Games Trade S.p.a. will be kept for a period of time not exceeding that necessary for the purposes for which they were collected and subsequently processed. However, their removal will take place safely. Although not expressly provided for here, reference is made to the aforementioned information that the Customer declares to have received, viewed and understood.

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